Burly Surly Curly Cues!

1. A burly man in his forties was talking on a red colour phone with a cream colour shirt. He pretended to look at me with authority then kept driving and then came back. He kept talking on the phone instead of letting me watch the heroic acts of Kangana Ranaut who is playing the lady Ravana in the new state sponsored chaotic movie. Politics is dirty and costly but the power shift sometimes makes it more interesting than the cinema. Chouksey ChaCha is back to pavillion but the Chhatarpur edition had decided to suddenly drop him off somewhere in November or December when Noal Harari published his only article for Bhaskar and vanished into the oblivion. I don’t want to be a journalist because it’s dangerous but it’s even more dangerous to uphold Dharma, variety and truth with one banner or another in the name of holy ass hub. Sudama reloaded.

2. The burly man said he had a call. He wanted me to remember a number like Upasana Das did. I refused to write it down on my mobile for I could remember it. Then he showed another number and asked me to help him saying that he was a villager. I helped him when he called a man who had ringtone set to “Ham Saath Saath Hain ” . God is mysterious. He was supposed to pay 4000 rupees in a post office. The mobile was actually worth 17000 rupees. Whereabouts. Nowgong was his place of residence and he had a bike with an UP number plate. He was here visiting his in laws. He offered me a lift to which I politely refused telling him I was walking to keep fit.

3. Later outside the kiosk people were talking about 17000 rupees. Three bikers were talking before: I die in Ataniya first then I die here.

4. Tohu verse:

Kangna Ranaut utahaitiffinnishrimpishindukushabilimentationizedeyesterdayarmulkeratosisaltazimuthumpteendangeredressalutuftimittenchantresserratedeterminantennashenigmashupulpfictionoisylogismorgasboardramatwistarrafflesiamangoannamibiambicarussellipsisternumbattuesdayinnuendolittlesteemeetinglinganymedeepediatricsvolvowellewyominglingulchopineptitudeucesernoisyllogismartympanumumbledocileeway

Whether to sow,

Like a crow,

In rows,

Slow down,

Trodden den,

Or to frolic licking manjulica,

Like Kingfisher,

Expanding dark blue wings,

I knoweth not,

Not knoweth I,

Oh my my,

Look at the mysterious dame!

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