AI is here! Drones! RUN AWAY!

1. Only dragonflies and butterflies.

2. Ramashankar Yadav from Benares works for PNC. He says that there was rain three days ago in Benares. How were they reporting it now?

3. There’s a cancer hospital in Kishanpura on Bijawar road. Two boys on a bike, one wearing a Big Boss T shirt, stopped by the Neem tree. I gave the seat to mister Ramashankar. The old lady walked from Gathewara to hunt treasure on Choudhary’s village. I would be exalted like this. The tryst with the dancer was supposed to be on the railway tracks. Birds are chirping and fruits of Kabir are playing ping pong with Ying Yang .

4. I recommended the burly man whose in laws live in Basaari to keep a notepad and pen with him: conductors do so. Leonardo did that. And doctor Win Wenger pH d recommended that before the smartphone era. Way too much of positive attention. Suddenly everyone was asking me the address. Earlier I was being spit on. Who is what and what the heavens is going on here? If you know, you are probably full of it, said Robert Anton Wilson. Jogging memories.

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