1. You can see both Sun and Moon in the sky. The rising Sun looked amazingly beautiful and I took a shot but the camera fails to capture the extent of beauty perceived by eyes. Thinking of beauty : it’s a construct of repeated suggestions based on what’s supposed to be harmonious and orderly from the viewpoint of humans. The reason why Natarajan was called the madman and the regimes like that of Hitler’s caused unforeseen destruction : humans can’t just surrender to the harmony. Ego structures are bound to fall sooner or later. There is a beauty in the wild another in the mix where humans meet the wild and yet another which is completely artificial. Most of the humans are limited to the third type. The first type needs you to have the owl vision.

2. I kept talking to the owls. Baby owls are cute. They mimicked my head. Couple of Genga birds above my head on the branches of the Neem tree. Their eyes are funny. Owls are creatures of stunning beauty. Today’s walk was a pleasure as there was this contrast from the last evening’s hubbub. Now that more people are coming on the ground : my evenings might become exhausting.

3. A policeman was talking to the tea stall guy. I only heard bits and pieces.

4. Reality is indeed stranger than fiction. Come to think of it: if you live like I have been living : it might be more interesting than a Hollywood flick. I have not watched anything which comes close to Inland Empire in the last five years. Even Inception has no match. Nothing of value was made by Nolan after The Dark Night. Interstellar was much ado about nothing and Lynch had an understanding which no other auteurs had. Rest of the filmmakers coming later on had shoddy mimicking of time travel movies made before. A Shammi Kapoor song : Baar Baar dekho…. Plays on radio of an autowallah. Lyrics is stunning so is music. Sometimes I flow with the ideal of quality of things reducing with the passage of time as depicted in Hindu Puranas. Take much talked about web series Dark which uses music by a German artist: Hollywood movies did it better. Music annoys. Overacting artists. In short, you take time to adjusted to the lingo of villagers and transport guys. Sun is hot.

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