Dragonfly fly high!

Dragonfly dragonfly,

fly high fly high,

over flyover,

overture undertone,

noted testosterone,

black bull,

red hull,

cull from the honey bees,

Culvert vertical,

Calculus inverted,

Commas subverted,

Mast all colored,

Hard on the dance floor,

dance floor, dance floor,

no such thing as


dance floor, dance floor,

on the dance floor

Warbling blingbots,

darling slingshots,

hotspots poured pots,

dragonfly gonfalon,

butterfly flutterby,

bicycle with icicle,

dicey Ceylon,

lone sharks antiquarian,


Clouds are floating by,

Black, blue, grey hue,

due dew drops,

on plain grass,

crass ass,

Ashen holes,

Dreamy goals,

Rain clouds,

Sing very loud,

Not allowed on Wednesday.

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