1. Multitasking doesn’t create tension for a computer or AI because it has no ego limitations. It doesn’t want anything more than others.

Sometimes I wonder if nature’s way of getting things done is to through various ego structures. For example…Evolution of lifetimes of human beings is nothing but nature’s work in progress through various agents. Since it’s playing with itself it’s multitasking through various organisms and other non living particles. In case of individuals: multitasking can be mastered with practice with dedicated attention in separate slots. As a general rule you never pay total attention to anything; that’s part of mindfulness: to bring maximal energy to present task. But the heart, kidney, liver, brain and other organs keep working in synchronization: so it’s only an ego identity which finds it difficult to multitasking.

Usually if you can juggle between many tasks within a short amount of time: you are considered smart and multitasking is part of being smart. In the computer and AI worlds they usually don’t multitask because they are never concerned with any ego limitation.

2. A nursery in a small corner is named ” The Great Nursery” It is such a large place that it can serve the children of the whole country. 3. Sometimes I make sense and some others : I don’t. Like life. For a long part of this journey, I have wondered when it was all going to end. I still do, at least once everyday, but I understand clearly: wanting it to end isn’t enough: I need to walk. A step at a time is all that’s needed unless I am walking in circles and then end will be reached. The end is always a little further than one expects. Because: imagination distorts. Sometimes solutions to problems are easier than you think. The knowledge of what is possible. Is wisdom. It has been so often said that we understand more than we think, and this is true.

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