An Ordinary Weblog Post!

1. I came here after a long time. Moon rays are soothing. Sun is already scorching and it’s not even March.

2. Orion belt is beautiful. How harmoniously the stars of proportionate size studded in it.

3. I saw an asteroid. It’s second such within one week.

4. I am reading Kathasaritsar these days. Magical fantasies. Mythological figures.

5. Couple of airplanes passed by.

6. Beautiful parrots returned to their nests.

7. Read an advertisement for an institute for liberal studies for an acquaintance. He’s not eligible.

8. Dogs are barking and a devotional storytelling ritual in a nearby temple.

9. The rehearsal as well as presentation of play Tendor For Tajmahal was cancelled.

10. Within a very few days my rankings on vocabulary jams have dropped because of low participation. Trying to get my priorities straight again.

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