Theism and Atheism!

1. Some mystics divided human existence in five-fold sheaths in Upanishads.

2. Physical, vital, mental, scientific and blissful.

3. These are also broadly considered to be gross, subtle and causal layers of existence.

4. A liberated being is supposed to transcend all sheaths. Only a slight layer of blissful sheath covers them until their body drops or gets transformed into pure body of gnosis and bliss according to literature.

5. In songs of mystics who attained Immortality or pure body: there’s a clear understanding of Nonduality which is the only fearless freedom possible. It’s theism without allowing anyone else who compels you anymore.

6. Atheistic philosophy like Jainism admits multiplicity of souls who enjoy equally blissful existence once they’re liberated. Though there are countless liberated beings according to it, there can’t be any conflict between them because conflict causing egoic grip is lost with liberation.

7. I feel: the scientific sheath in the causal body which holds gods as opposed to demigods in theistic scheme is the reach of atheistic Philosophy. Theistic philosophy is merely beautiful art to elaborate upon bliss experienced by liberation. Songs created in bridal mysticism and in other verse forms were only suitable ways for expression of love felt by liberated mystics. The apprehension of reality is impossible for human mind and thought can’t express it.

8. I don’t see any conflict between atheistic philosophy like Jainism, Buddhism and theistic philosophy like Hinduism. Hinduism is an umbrella term which involved more cultural elements whereas Buddhism was mostly a reform of Hinduism which because of being mostly based on Philosophy and reason gained currency and later included elements from Hinduism to survive.

9. I also don’t see any conflict between essence of Islam, Sikhism, Christianity and Judaism in my own understanding and study.

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