1. Baal. Laal. Paal.

2. Baal Gangadhar Tilak. Geeta Rehasya or mystery of Gita. Founder of BHU. Had a four planet stellium in the tenth house of his horoscope. Popular. Author. Founder of a University. Has moustache like Neitzsche in his picture which is in the South West corner of the library.

3. Laal Bahadur Shastri became a prime minister but he was assassinated in Tashkent according to some. Jai jawaan jai kisaan was the statement popularized by him. It means: giving respect to farmers and army people. His wife was named Lalita. He kept himself clean shaved. It was revealed. Very few celebrate his birthday which falls on Gandhi’s birthday. Actually it was Lala Lajpat Rai. The scientist. Lalala as in interweb song by poppy is a call for devil.

4. I don’t know Vipin Chandra Paal. At all. Though I know Bacchendri Paal who conquered everest so to say.

5. Baal: Shishumara or Vishnu. Sweet words.

Paal: Shishupala. Mountaineer. Good shepherd.

6. A Sanskrit saying: Satyam cha Priyam cha wakta shrota cha durlabha: it’s rare to find those who speak or listen truth as well as pleasant words. You may think : why? The speaker: yes. Listener of truth- which is pleasant: why are they rare? Because spoken word can’t remain absolutely true for long unless it’s supported by Dharma.

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