Six retrograde planets!

1. In sidereal zodiac, transit of planets with respect to moon indicates current trends. Intriguing combination of 6 retro grid planets includes North and South nodes of moon which are considered to be always retrograde.

2. Not much is known about the behaviour of retrograde planets. It is actually the appearance of a planet which is passing through some unique point with respect to observers on Earth. I clearly remember that as I was beginning to delve into the vedic astrology in the year 2009 when I was about to join the firm in which I worked for the next 3 years; the planet Mars was retrograde in the eighth house of cancer. Usually it takes one month two to transit through any sign but due to the retrograde motion it took an exceptional 8 months full stop it was revelation and learning for me.

3. The website Vaidik was in its Inception in those days. And I used to frequently visit it to check the transit charts. Now it charges and the process is also difficult. With the passage of time the same services get costlier. This seems to be the only direction our society heads.

4. Trees are dancing in the breeze right now. I practiced breathing to get rid of toxins. International yoga day will be celebrated with the summer solstice or is it Equinox ? I would have to check.

19.6.2020.8.30 am

5. Some experts say that the malefics  start behaving like benefics and vice versa in case of retrograde planets.

6. Whatever happens might be an interesting study for all the astrology students. Do the planets show regressive thinking in the populace at large ? it remains to be seen.

7. I went to play cricket with my friends to a large ground yesterday in the evening. It seemed to be a luxury. It was very ordinary some 25 years ago. in the last 10 to 15 years urbanisation has happened at a rapid speed in my town. Stadium is still closed and reserved only for the police force. I do not understand. Maybe I would after awhile.

As soon as I stood up Brahmini

A dangerous creature lizard

Shaded back into its hole.

Deciduous mango tree says nothing

And yet the words of the wandering Mr armadillo

Keep reverberating in my ears

O heedless play game

O heatless pilgrim

O heedless pilgrim!

Oh wandering wonder

O wandering wonderer

Oh wondering wanderer!

Rhymes in mortal

Oh immortal Ramses!

Be wary of the poisonous Devil!

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