The second harmonic

It was in evening. He was talking to her. The vehicles were passing by and his dancing body full of energy was in tune with with her. They were in the mood for fun. And there was mysterious foreboding about something. The thing that happened. Made them feel as if their lives had become a conundrum. It was not lives it was actually one life. The only way to solve it was for them to live together. And they were living in the hearts of each other the physical separation was not something which could be done away with at that moment. And that was the way Wendy started to live with them. And Jessica … Events took turn when she least expected them She was there with them when the baby was born and her life was never the same again. What had they become and what were they going to become only the home of the mystery new or perhaps even it didn’t That remains to be seen. The scenery was becoming picturesque They had a feeling that they were not alone, but that too was part of the game. The game unique game and they were scoring too much too soon. And now they were laughing at their own jokes. But underneath there was another layer of Ideas ceiling But they seemed to be doing the same all over again. Why did the love it’s so much? They had been doing role-play for many years now even decades and yet they felt as if they were new to each other. … Rumpled stilted skin skinny Skillet let them do what they Desire And they did it with gusto and rhythm. The Rhythm Divine Wayanad Ananda Danish trim The rhythm of love. Which flew from their hearts Not to mention the fact that the fog was thick. Not going anywhere. It seemed aimless and naive. Then all of a sudden it just went away. dream like reality was becoming a Nightmare for Some Nights What made it worse is that they couldn’t agree on the dream. The-dream Ram realm of infinite happiness opened for them for once and for all … She was always there for him and yet he felt as if it was only one moment when their eyes noticed each other. … Their story was coming to a happy conclusion. …

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