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I am the force!

And I will be beaten by the way I will be beaten by the wayThe wayI will be beatenAnd I will be beaten And all the times … Mesothelioma Omaha Nebraska Abraham cadet deterrant rants raves about the new things. In the spring I did not see the sparrows because I did not want to … More I am the force!

I am a cosmopolitan and all people of the world are people of world.

All Indians are our brothers and sisters. If you continue taking that pledge for as many as 10 years and then you are supposed to choose one of the romantic partners from those sisters or brothers what would it result into ? The answer is neurosis. This society is more neurotic than you think full … More I am a cosmopolitan and all people of the world are people of world.

Morning News Wednesday@₹₹@

Here’s a song for you… Thodi Thodi Piya Karo by Pankaj Udhashttps://open.spotify.com/track/6Fl2AtjiFwJKU17GKyZfru?si=Av6cUuyMQYKLzSxlqtGn_Q Question 1. What is patriotism? Answer 1. Patriotism is willing to die for foolish reasons. Source: bertrand Russell Hi we are back at patriotism. Elections are approaching and Corona alone might not be enough. My nani that is my maternal grandmother abused China … More Morning News Wednesday@₹₹@

The Complex City is artificial intelligence

The human problems are of mannequin but the most important problem is that of death change aging separation meaning purpose identity and fulfillment of Desire all the thinkers consider the death and the aging along with the Hunger and want to be the biggest Enemies of the human happiness the peace and lasting happiness comes … More The Complex City is artificial intelligence

Another Saturday

The sun is shining brightly . a pigeon flies towards south . by saying point P o i n t i am able to to put. . Full stop after my sentences now . I am discovering the punctuation marks in my writing. after the medical wave the superstitious wave of worshipping the mother Korean … More Another Saturday