Burgundy Burgoo!

The cat springs on its paws, Shimmering stars sing to, The Corona of Diana, The silver baby showers dancing breeze, The freeze has come full circle as batlings fly over in zig zag patterns. Bells jingle and pigs screech. I am out of their reach, For a while, I smile, And then I walk , … More Burgundy Burgoo!

Astronomy Day!

Time taken: 2 minutes. Magal Mangal madrigal Gala mala jungle Juggle juggernaut umlauts autarks. Maga Maggie gaga baggie Meme mega game gamut Origami kirigami Harakiri harridan.

A Terse Verse!

1. Charlotte North thorn ornate. 2. Warlock Krauss Strauss sauce. 3. Demode demantoid allantoid Ovolo. 4. Dolce nidixolous vessel selling. 5. Kingston ominous noumenon nonplussed. 6. Calvarium variorum rumpledstiltedskin skinny kine. 7. Antinomy nominal alacrity ritzy zygote verboten Rotterdam damson sonnet netsuke nettled kettle foods. [11 minutes.]

Sukarma Yoga!

1. 02:17 AM. A dog was howing outside. 2. I was dreaming about being a double whammy between two people as I heard a dog howl. 3. This is an inbetween. 4. The date: April 28, 2020: my sleep was always a communion between sleeping and dreaming. 5. Memento Mori can also be looked alternatively … More Sukarma Yoga!

Magical Calculus Lustrous Succubus!

1. Magical magus gusto stored. 2. Red education ions galore. 3. More lores resplendent chores. 4. Glassdoor Orangutan tanager multiverse. 5. Verisimilitude etude deutronomy prophet. 6. California Caliphate lip-sync zonesing. 7. Birds fly very high. 8. Omnibus sulcus custard powder. 9. Derelict ictus tusselated laterad. 1o. Wall-E, Wallmixy, Xymie, Xylum. 11. Lumpsum fulcrum curmudgeon buldgeon. … More Magical Calculus Lustrous Succubus!