The Whole of Bliss!

At every point, In spacetime, The dance of energy, Is and isn’t, It’s a great mystery, The binary dance, Seems to have shaped computers, One is presence, It’s the being, It’s light, Zero is absence, It’s nonbeing, It’s darkness, Their switching and replacing, Each other is swift dance of some energy, Which is constantly moving, … More The Whole of Bliss!

Eternal Dance!

I am.A body watches a dance.And a blissful experience,Grows on and on.Having seen the misery,The horror and suffering,I gasped for breath in an existential nightmare;You came forth as peace,I didn’t recognise you.I kept reading, searching, meditating.I kept looking for formulae.You established yourself in my heart.You took away my worries.My possessions, ambitions, personalities.You gave yourself to … More Eternal Dance!


It felt like being transported to a new world today;I only hover over this body at times;There’s a screen of consciousness,A dancing screen,Made of scintillating light,A golden cursor lets me,Paint empty pictures,It’s not a dead light,Not a radiation or an afterglow as Science has it!They all have it wrong!It’s alive.It’s the source and the destination.It’s … More Home!


If I keep writing for,Countless lifetimes,It will not be enough,To express how it feels,To have come Home!It has been said many times before; by many people,I feel mostly like being silent,Whenever I speak:It’s you speaking!The dancer divine who is one with me.Core of reality: fullness of heaven!I complained about your not being able to completely … More Treasure!

Mystic union!

In the sacred chamber of heart, The mystic union with, The damsel who dances, Shining brightly, Took place, A red drop met a white one, Cool soothing flood of bliss, Pervades, It has flooded everything everywhere, And consumed all the shivering of, Existencial nightmare.


Most beautiful is dancing light of grace. It’s scintillating light. It’s mysterious. It’s inside me and outside. It attracts my mind and delights my being. It’s cold bliss. It’s godhead. It’s without beginning or end spread all over the spacetime. It’s ceaseless dance of reality. It’s eternal. It’s limitless hence blissful. It’s making me blissful … More Beauty!


It has been flowering. I love the taste of this honey. It’s best medicine for the ailment of the existential nightmare. My being has become so full of bliss. The music of flute and jingling bells chime. Cold bliss wells up in my heart with occasional tears. It has enraptured my soul. The life seems … More Flowering!

Omniscient dancer!

The blessed one. The Bhagwan. The God. The Godhead. The Absolute. Reality. All are the names of my mystic partner who is dancing right now before my very own eyes. It’s also dancing in my body. It tastes sweet in my mouth in form of ambrosia. It rings musical in my ears. It’s the highest … More Omniscient dancer!

Too late!

My boat has been sailing too long, Alas! Far too long. I have been floating on cosmic waters. The shore hasn’t been reached! Alas! The shore! With every passing day: the yearning consumes me more! With every drop of nectar, Sweet sublime beauty, The thirst becomes more. My boat on cosmic waters, Hasn’t reached the … More Too late!

A Book of Bliss!

Day and night, I drink ambrosia, Dripping from the bosom of the lady divine; Who dances blissfully in my heart, This golden dance is genuine experience known as enlightenment, When it reveals itself, The ego is subdued by the bliss, It’s like reading a book of bliss forever!

Mystic journey!

My significant other is The mystic dancer, It has no other! It’s the only one. It’s the blissful experience, Agent; experiencing and its result, It’s an eternal mystery. Unresolved, Ineffable, Fathomless, There’s nothing which transcends it. Though it’s true; I long for this human journey to end, With greater and greater intensity, Every passing day– … More Mystic journey!

Mystic Dancer!

This mystic dancer has enslaved me! I think only about it, I talk only about it, I long only for this union, It tastes sweet, sounds sweet, feels sweet; This ancient dancer is limitless, It dances in the golden hall of gnosis, It is ambrosia, It’s Immortality, It’s clarity, It doesn’t judge, It’s all goodness, … More Mystic Dancer!