The Noon

1. A crow is cawing. A squirrel is running. There is a layer of clouds in the sky. A dragonfly flies.

2. I took some waterballs and a tea. A woman joined in saying that onion is cheap these days. The waterballs guy was busy playing ludo online albeit his companion kept making noise until the woman joined.

3. Seeing an autowallah(the term was used frequently by Shobha De) I recalled how in morning hours I saw an autodriver going on backgear for more than 100 metres. It did seem strange because there was no apparent reason for the same.

4. Seismology gyrating tingling longastronomy tectonic architectonickelodian tonic supersonic Icarus rustic lanugo langouste ousted instead ted stalks

5. I enjoyed talking about the volcanoes but my student who has recently changed his routine to early morning hours practice of playing Cricket has been sleepy since last two days. I told him the difference between the pravrutti and nivratti.

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