Probably Why I Prefer Mongolians!

Let’s focus on what patriarchs are talking about. The patriarchs are debating whether it is right to put children in power over adults.

2. The old librarian was talking aloud about the honey trap. The old librarian thinks that the honey trap is a good idea.

3. I wonder why grandma asked her grandson to tear the page off of the notebook. The one where I had written the homework. Was it all a trap because a certain uncle fell after a verbal dispute and somehow onus was on me, like that of real estate disputes of my father’s, divorce proceedings of my sibling’s, my grandfather’s disputes with local mafias and so and so on. I wonder how the notebook was torn.

4. It’s sure that none of them were just that : people taking tuitions because no matter how utterly honest I was : I was always more than just tutor. The Jain baby was to keep tabs on me. While my house was a good destination, his house was off the limits because he was disturbed. The poor kids from privileged colony were also to keep tabs or to eat time because police surveillance wasn’t enough. After I was taken away, they all developed cold feet. Forty feet, forty rupees. Read this tohu as homework assignment:

5. All suicides were because of me. I was responsible for all evils in their eyes. Blind to the core they knew not their own hearts or minds. They were misled by a few silly words from an old man.

6. You do remember the systematic gaslighting on my trip to Satna for the examination for the post of labor inspector. What happened in Panna? Why was my sibling in on it like he was in on recent goon networks? The silly man was behind the whole thing

. 7. They all wanted to teach me a lesson: all in the clutches of death, decay and aging. All jealous and hoarding dust particles. A beautiful mind John Nash. Only I did nothing worthy of Nobel prize like Piyush Jain yet. Ghanshi has settled here and now she’s been finding matches for me like those who sent girls on the water balls shop knowing fully well how such petty arrangements are made by people who are bored of their horrible existence. When I told Piyush Jain that I was going to give her a lecture on quantum physics, she asked me to be her guest at her friend’s house.


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