Platinum and Silver

1. The first coin in the picture above was released for “Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board” in the year 2012. It was their silver jubilee year.

2. The second coin was released in the year 2010 by the Indian Reserve Bank. It was their platinum jubilee year. Estd. 1935

UK liptus us lips sup? You k? Yeah!
Only witness!
Another proof!
67 cm masonic lodges.
If pedestrians get hurt in the process do alcoholics give a damn?
Self portrait: Leonard Da Vinci: World Laughter Day and Mayday COINcide.
Sunset 30.04.2022. Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India. Conclusion of the night Cricket Tournament

English lessons:

1. Patricide: murder of father.

2. Matricide: murder of mother.

3. Fratricide: murder of fraternity.

4. COINcide: murder of COIN.

5. Suicide: murder of self.

Sui generis vis-a-vis viscera que Serra Serra mesa same meshuga coinage age-old doldrums rums-&-raisins. Sine-qua-nonplussed.

Towards the Palace of kingdom of Chhatarpur
Wall for Welfare: near Sulabh Complex: ULB802139P00007
01.05.2022 shed near Chattrasal Carrefour
22.01.2022 Tuesday
Public Health Engineering Department Jawahar Panna Road Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India
1982::2039 Vikram Samvat
RTI 2005 subsection 140: do note it down. Don’t waste power on purpose.
28.02.1992. Swami Pranavananda inaugurated this stone. Contributed to Vedic Research.

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