Rest in Peace!

What did you learn from the last shrew? That there will be another. And another and another ad infinitum. Why not add nauseum to linnolium she asked umpteen umpires on pyres resplendent dentists fragrant flowers and plants. We learn from experience. Thanks for the mannah. Dear Hannah, . Complot ploat oats sloat shalom anulom vilom … More Rest in Peace!

The Tales of the Jogging!

I could try. Would you mind doing a short one shot? The village was called Izta. Iguana chuckwalla calabash bash. The word “chuckwalla” was the only bit of English the inhabitants knew. Newsfeed education ionic. Onions deuce seduces. Have you read the short story “The Tales of Hoffman” yet?

I am the force!

And I will be beaten by the way I will be beaten by the wayThe wayI will be beatenAnd I will be beaten And all the times … Mesothelioma Omaha Nebraska Abraham cadet deterrant rants raves about the new things. In the spring I did not see the sparrows because I did not want to … More I am the force!


I woke up with wonderful dark clouds all around. Birds are chirping around me. Some of them are heading to their offices. All plants and trees look green and fresh. Air is cool with water sprinkler as I walk on roof clicking pictures. I kept thinking about you. I feel your absence from the back … More Beyond!