AI chatbot asks a lot of nice questions. A recent question was: what’s a great day like for you? Today was a great day. Any day free from diseases, pain or people shouting around me is a great day. This year is soon coming to an end. Other than the pandemic and lockdown: which created … More Musings

The Old Records!

1. His birth ID was 13121985. He again came to this register which had entries between the years 1985 to 1994. 2. There was the library and the field where adepts disport. And yet it was not available to him for 33 years. 3. The day he joined the library in the year 2018, May: … More The Old Records!


1. Two birds on wire were nuzzling each other. A buffalo was singing a song in a strange voice. The Sun shone brightly and there were no rainbows. 2. There was a bus without any passengers or staff, parked just about a hundred metres away from the pipe where the truck had toppled. I feel … More Art


There was thunderstorm. Science of ambulances and police vans all around the city. Yes we were sitting in the open field enjoying the scenery around us chatting he brought into my attention rainbow: half of it. It was after 4 months that I observe the rainbow. There was some drizzling preceding it. The rainbow was … More Twilight


Have you ever heard of ” Siddhivinadam” We have also heard it from our parents, elder siblings, relatives, friends and children. What is it! It is A Beautiful Flower named ” SIDDHI VAIDYA.” SIDDHI VAIDYA is available in the Meta garden of Life. It has many varieties and colors, also it has many powerful healing … More Siddhivinadam

The Doors

The Katha Upanishad tells a symbolic tale of two birds: they both live on the same tree. One of them is free from pleasure and pain. It’s the one who doesn’t eat any fruits. It’s the witness. The watcher in the tale is not the doppleganger of the one you talk about because your watcher … More The Doors

I understand that you don’t and it’s absolutely fine!

Hunger is real estate. State of affairs was always so. Elections dictate lockdown. A monitor lizard was seen monitoring the House in Chhatarpur Delhi. What gives you depth. What gives your life reality. I was wondering if you have any other reasons. He was shocked by the fact that no one had noticed the missing … More I understand that you don’t and it’s absolutely fine!


“Every science begins as philosophy and ends as art; it arises in hypothesis and flows into achievement. ” I heard that with awe and wonder. It was beautiful wisdom on her exquisite lips which tasted like nectar of immortality. She was my destiny. The fountain of youth. The source of beauty. Her forgetfulness was peculiar. … More Achievement!