The Codex of Bliss!

I am reading,From a codex of bliss;A song never before read.It’s both means and the end.It’s formless beauty,Matchless form.When pain, doubt and despair,Tried to overpower me,I wondered if my experience was real;I returned to this profound,Abode of bliss,The Absolute harmony,Ineffable bounty,Mystery of life,Essence which dreams,I realized that suffering,Was merely a passing shadow,The eternal song of … More The Codex of Bliss!


1. I had momos worth ten rupees. They were not as good as momos in the Dussehra fair because they were not as fried or crisp because they were prepared on a quick order. I would have preferred Mahajana’s water balls as I needed to re-enter the stadium. 2. I don’t want my prediction to … More Books