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Narada versus Rama!

1. Narada versus Rama: Rama is Bhagavan whereas Narada is merely a journalist. In the fiction there are big egos and smaller ones. Rama is one of the biggest. Narada was also an incarnation of Vishnu like Rama but Ramayana glorified Rama. Narada had initiated Valmiki the creator of Ramayana. Narada asked his lord Narayana … More Narada versus Rama!

Dravidam TVamev!

1. Dravidam means dravya or money. Mother was singing this song: ” You’re my mother, father and brother, sister and friend. You are my art, wealth(Dravidiam.) You, oh, divine one art my everything.” Translated from Sanskrit. 2. Dravid country thus meant wealthy state of Tamil nadu in Bhagvat Puran. 3. IT revolution began in southern … More Dravidam TVamev!