Too late!

My boat has been sailing too long, Alas! Far too long. I have been floating on cosmic waters. The shore hasn’t been reached! Alas! The shore! With every passing day: the yearning consumes me more! With every drop of nectar, Sweet sublime beauty, The thirst becomes more. My boat on cosmic waters, Hasn’t reached the … More Too late!

A Book of Bliss!

Day and night, I drink ambrosia, Dripping from the bosom of the lady divine; Who dances blissfully in my heart, This golden dance is genuine experience known as enlightenment, When it reveals itself, The ego is subdued by the bliss, It’s like reading a book of bliss forever!

Mystic journey!

My significant other is The mystic dancer, It has no other! It’s the only one. It’s the blissful experience, Agent; experiencing and its result, It’s an eternal mystery. Unresolved, Ineffable, Fathomless, There’s nothing which transcends it. Though it’s true; I long for this human journey to end, With greater and greater intensity, Every passing day– … More Mystic journey!

Mystic Dancer!

This mystic dancer has enslaved me! I think only about it, I talk only about it, I long only for this union, It tastes sweet, sounds sweet, feels sweet; This ancient dancer is limitless, It dances in the golden hall of gnosis, It is ambrosia, It’s Immortality, It’s clarity, It doesn’t judge, It’s all goodness, … More Mystic Dancer!


The mystic dance, Mixing with every cell, Blasts in bliss, It’s without a beginning or an end. It’s beyond everything and yet Knower of all. It doesn’t judge you for your rank Because compared to it everything is limited-no matter how exalted it seems. It’s neither one nor many because it’s the only thing, It … More Bliss!


The supreme beauty Has no form! The supreme dance, Has no movements, The supreme music, Has no notes! Wonder of wonders! It picks its subjects at random, Makes them feel like it does, And they sing songs mystified about, Its nature and grace, Since they know, In a world which only gives one, What’s deserved, … More Unfathomable!


Oh supreme dancer, Where art thou feet? Head, face and eyes? All heads are your heads, All faces your faces, And all feet are your feet! Oh supreme damsel, What can I sing about your ineffable beauty supreme? Words return, From the threshold of your shrine, With silent dazed faces, The form of your presence, … More Form!

Dancing Feet!

My beloved, Is truth, Freedom, And bliss! Her dancing feet, Know no rest, They produce the most sublime music, Which is resounding in my being.

Moth and Flame!

Am I a moth in the flame? Or flame in a moth? Or both? The same, A form and a name, A game, As the moth, I am burning with bliss, Can’t wait this eon of mothship to sink, In the blink of cosmic eye, Can’t be truly a moth, Or even a semi awakened … More Moth and Flame!

Uniqueness of Experience!

It’s the only experience, Which uses all senses together; It’s seen as magnificent dance made of jewels, It’s heard as divine melody consisting of variegated instruments, It’s tasted as ambrosia, A sublime honey, And felt throughout the body as divine mingling with mundane, Making it divine, It also has the fragrance, Akin to camphor, Soothing … More Uniqueness of Experience!


You’re ambrosia! Seeing you ambrosia. Inside me ambrosia, And outside me ambrosia; Your touch is bliss, Your taste exquisite, Feeling you ambrosia.