Twilight zone bird!

1. The tower of light where I used to roam around in my early childhood is visible. 2. A puzzle was solved after 15 years. A Cisco Certified Network Associates teacher whose mother was a psychiatrist beated a classmate because they hid a duster. Now maybe I understand . 3. Azaan is heard from a … More Twilight zone bird!

Ice Cream!

A few birds are chirping around a cute little baby owl who blinks often. It can rotate its head with the aid of its flexible neck. They say it’s malukeshvara: the vehicle of the goddess of the oppolense. Luxeme is her sweet sweet name. Taxeme. Raceme. Laxeme. The birds have a forked tail with a … More Ice Cream!


1. I am facing the music. It mostly has sirocco zephyr and chirping chirality typhoons spoons. 2. The screen has a few more cracks. As usual my dead furthers his procrastination on new smartphone and mummy is a slave. 3. I had lost my wallet by 9 o clock yesterday night. Logos. I gained it … More Memoirs