1. I wrote the solutions to second year of D. El. Ed. exams.

2. I heard them: the senses and their knowers. Gopi.

3. I saw many transformations within a short time.

4. I saw the hall of gnosis, gems and the greatest among the magicians and adepts.

5. I met my old friends, classmates and teachers. They were all along living with me. I never knew the ocean of peace before.

6. All my worries were taken care of and merits restored to a new level by the divine grace.

7. I can only recall as far back as that temple in the village. Then : the takht on which I was sitting with my sister. Then the departure from the land of grace. I also recall the day when one of my uncles went to Delhi. I recall when my great grandfather asked me to read the title of the newspaper: instead of reading the Nav Bharat I read Naav Bhaarat because there was a picture of the boat just below the title. I saw the picture and didn’t read the words carefully. The dream after reading the vallalar I had also had a mountain of light and a street. Then a queue in the heavens where I knew an old lady. In another queue I saw non-vegetarian people. Then I saw the boat and peaceful lake.

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