Events Today!

1. I went to catalogue books in the library of Gandhi Smarak Bhavan.

2. I met a man who asked me if the grass he was uprooting was the “doorva” grass. I said yes because I knew it to be true. Then Ankit my friend paid me 1000 rupees and we had a small party in which we made a video. I was given a pulaav to eat. Lemon rice was prepared by Neelam mam.

3. I walked towards the Carrefour. Then I walked towards the handpumps. I drank some water and walked back to learn about the environment. I had to dispose off some garbage. I saw a jeep named “major” which stopped a guy on bike with green shirt. I kept walking towards the shop where I bought two shirts for 300 rupees. I was offered to sit on a chair which was similar to one found under the Neem tree where I used to take a break on my morning walks to Brijpura. it was there I saw the owls first. Now I saw a woodpecker but not a Kingfisher. I am happy to see you happy.

4. I am playing cricket twice everyday. I am helping people cleanse the environment. I am sure you are doing well.

5. I am going to buy a few more things which are necessary to function on a day to day basis. I have some money for the same.

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