Ramalinga Playing The Ball

1. Within the last one hour I watched forty players play the game of cricket.

2. I had Poha to eat. It was enjoyable. I paid ten rupees.

3. The vista was Neptunian, foggy and dreamlike. I assumed I was in a fair, a caravan and kept walking. I saw a bunch of dogs and I wondered why they were kept inside the stadium. Similarly pigs. What kind of training or conditioning has been going on? It baffles me. To think that there is a slave race and a lord race or to think that I alone am the one being governed is horrifying and disgusting. But there’s no way out of it. It’s the best I have ever known because I didn’t ever remember more than this.

4. Samskaras or status quo often fails to teach the reality that it was always there: the dreams and their fulfilment. The noise proof room. The liberation free from cycles of birth and death. All mysteries have been revealed and yet I have no answers.

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