1. I read a story from Arabian nights in my childhood. It had many crosses.

2. The mystery of Swastika or Nazism is being resolved here. It’s my version. It’s for my reference.

3. Shishumara is the Absolute abode of Vishnu. It has been compared to baby dolphin. Fish.

4. Gora Kumhar(Chakraborty) kills his baby in ecstatic devotion to Vishnu.

5. Balaram is bright brother. Shishumara. Baal is fertile producer of babies whose progenies survive.

6. Yama or Mot has South as his direction. The galactic core has a supermassive black hole. Krishna. It’s the Shishumara. Rama and Krishna are Shishumara. Look at Rama’s attitude towards his children Luv and Kush.

7. Shishupala is a cousin of Vaasudev. A cousin of Shishumara. Can we say it’s another galaxy: Andromeda? Narmada or Shiva who is neither male nor female? It’s a shepherd who leads Ramses to goodness or light or El. ILU.

8. Thus Shishupala even when speaks bad: nurtures young children. Nurtures galaxies. It’s not violent towards babies. Shishumara kills babies. It’s a codeword in leftist tantra. They sacrifice babies. The tantriki in Tikamgarh revealed that it didn’t need “Baal.” They started addressing me like baby: Gender-benders. They wanted shaivites and arcturians who are householders and say one thing while meaning other.

9. Brightness or right wing: do what they mean. They thwarted Aryans in the world war two. They’re Jews. They’re kabbalists. They’re masons. Aryans are number three. Second are adepts and the first are Arhats or Narayana or Shiva or Buddha.

10. Bright ones told me: there was darkness and they created some light. Rest is mystery. That places Kaali or dark matter on top: materialism. Engineers, doctors and masons.

11. Dark ones told me: there was light in the beginning: the darkness is merely shadow. A divine play in spiritual world. Spiritual people are poets, mystics and leftists.

12. In the myth of Christ as well as Moses and Krishna: babies were killed by first Reich. Saviours like Moses, Christ, Muhammad or Krishna were right wing teachers who taught Dhamma. Prophets. Shishumara versus Shishupala.

13. Narayana reveals his Matrix to Narada. As he gets deluded by his wife and babies: he tells him to wake up. Shishumara. Attachment to wives and babies is killed by Jyotisha Chakra of Shishumara. Krishna. Mahadev. Vaamdev are verily Death. Yama has been painted in all schemes of Hinduism. Sikhism. Jainism and Buddhism.

14. Who is Shishupala if not Baal? It loves its innocence. It loves itself as a baby. It’s pure. Hindu myths are full of wars. North and East are second and first here. West and South : NEWS.

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