The Bicycle Guy!

1. In a flash I recognised his grimace being one which had flashed before me couple of years ago as he was entering this street.

2. But even before that he was there: one day under that hut. I was sitting as usual. Watching the game of shadows. Dance of stars and traffic. The challenge was to stay. This guy comes on his bicycle and picks some grass from the area where people used to pee.

3. I recognised him as an alchemist. Another passerby on bike makes a gesture at me:( go away else you might be in big trouble.)

4. Later I become a regular feature without recognising his face. His shop gives license to dream. Akin to one druggist in Inception (2010) by Nolan.

5. Why today? A man on bicycle and two of his sons. Three years in the making of a matrix which has to do with construction of highways.

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