The cosmos delegates the job of knowing itself to us in form of discrete packets and we report back to it with what it already knows: it’s infinite and hence unknowable. A mystery. The pictures are projected onto a flat screen where we perceive our three dimensional world via a two dimensional projection. The consciousness … More Matrices

Golden Hall!

Having tasted the ambrosia, The cold bliss welled up, It became more and more dense, From heart to arms to head to legs to toe It spread, It’s like body freezing with bliss, The mystic fire burns cold, This is the love of the graceful light in the golden hall, Only if it was my … More Golden Hall!


Darshan means to see It also means Philosophy The love of knowledge is grace of enlightenment, Only when this vision of direct knowledge dawns: you truly know. That’s how knowledge and Philosophy became synonymous with seeing. You don’t see what needs to be seen until the dawn of grace light. Darshan!

I See You!

I see you, In ICU You see i I see U U turn, Return, The . of no re-turn, Turnip Pippin nipped Nippon ponytails tailgating gatecrashing inglenook Donnybrook pinched Chad had headache Cake walk was easy, Breezy point numbered rhyme Red dragon drags on and on! Post script: it’s a new rendition of an old … More I See You!


1. To complete reading a short book within a few minutes is an achievement i feel proud of. Though I can do that everyday : something or the other holds me back. 2. The book only had 30 pages. 3. It’s a translation of essence of Sanskrit book into Hindi with the same name. Its … More Nagananda!

Mommy’s Fine!

1. Just finished watching the movie Triangle (2009.) 2. This review contains spoilers. It’s intended only for those who have either watched it or don’t want to watch it. 3. The title of this post is funniest piece of dialogue in the flick. A young boy watches his mommy’s version number two kill the version … More Mommy’s Fine!

Twilight Dance!

1. How soothing is the twilight and the dance on chiaroscuro azure background. 2. The Sun almost seemed scorching today. 3. I tried to learn how to sow onion roots. It was more difficult than it seemed. 4. Took a class. Birds are returning to their nests. Some pictures: Twilight Dance!

Is it?

Whenever I was hungry, Giving me pure food as if He Himself were hungry, And ridding me of the harrassing hunger, He gracious established both his feet in my heart replete with flesh; And gave me sanctuary, At the moment, When my bridegroom who dances in the Hall of Gnosis, And who is rare for … More Is it?

Recent Stories!

1. I recently read a letter by Rabindranath Tagore. It was from a book of his collected letters. This letter was written when he was aboard a ship. It began to rain. He was laying quietly in his bed. Indifferent. He was hearing the ocean. Its waves crashed with one another, creating a roaring sound … More Recent Stories!