Covid 19?

1. There never was any new disease as far as I am concerned. I have repeated it too often, on and off WordPress and it doesn’t serve any useful purpose at present but I want new readers to know. 2. I was beaten by cops for not wearing a mask in April. I was healthy … More Covid 19?

Triathlete Ben!

Though you liked my post David Lynch’s Inland Empire, I suggest you don’t watch it please as you are still too young to do that. Thanks. I hope the message reaches you! Triathlete Ben!


Who has sketched these I wonder Birds are chirping. Horns on a distant road are honking. There were many jets in sky today. Couple of people passed away. I saw the fire brigade vehicle as I was returning to my nest yesterday. Those two were newly bought vehicles in nearby municipality complex and they were … More Sketches

Evening 822021

1. Registered 5 titles in library as I was watching the rehearsal of Tender For Taj Mahal, a play written by Ajay Shukla. 2. Came across a book on Tamil culture and literature by Avadhnandan. The peculiar stories about Nayanmars were intriguing. I read these stories shrouded in mystery of devotional epic miracles which can … More Evening 822021

Boss Level!

1. It’s the latest time loop SciFi flick I have watched. 2. I love watching such movies. Groundhog day and Triangle are some of my favorites in this genre. 3. This film uses elements from many other movies like ‘Before I Sleep’ or ‘Happy Death Day,’ and yet it has an emotional bond between three … More Boss Level!


1. After Dussehra celebrations in October last year, and marathon this year, it might be third public event i attended. 2. While I was working in Bangalore I used to see advertisements for theatre shows which used to have tickets worth 1000 rupees to 2000 rupees. Even when I watched some movies after paying that … More Park

I See You!

I see you, In ICU You see i I see U U turn, Return, The . of no re-turn, Turnip Pippin nipped Nippon ponytails tailgating gatecrashing inglenook Donnybrook pinched Chad had headache Cake walk was easy, Breezy point numbered rhyme Red dragon drags on and on! Post script: it’s a new rendition of an old … More I See You!

Forebear forbear!

For bear Forebear forbear For wear would tear Therefore foresaken Forsure forsooth forthwith Withal hallmarked marksmanship! Hip-hop tiptop flip-flop op-ed Biped peddlers quadruple pantoofle Flea market kit kat ate late at at night Forebear forbear!

Seismic Coupon!

1. I played ten vocabulary jams with following recent achievements on Leader of the Jams: Ranked 3rd this week! Jam Team Leader This Week! Winning Team Member This Week! 2. As you can see: in all those formats my performance has been better than PC. It doesn’t mean however that I am a better … More Seismic Coupon!