Pending Interviews Part Two!

Sunrise 13.04.2022 W23LP114 Choubey Colony Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh Name Plates Coming Soon…
Borrowed early morning: Logic: Samsung mobile sometimes worth two thousand rupees and at others worth five thousand rupees. Virgo superclusters. 6DR353906: WP23114 Cartesian Coordinates
Halkai and Buddy: Dog trainers and Siriusly costly breeds.
Lin Dan: Favourite badminton player of youngsters in 20-30 age group in India!
Vidhayak Cup Trophy!

1. Pictures tell what words can’t. A picture is worth thousand words as per a saying.

2. Time is money and honesty is the best policy.

3. In time, 2011 is one of my favourite movies.

4. Another local movie is “Bhaiya and Bhabhi United Productions 2012-2022.” Or

“Bhaiya and Bhabhi United Productions 2014-2022.”

You can take your pic by using Wachowaski brothers’ 1992 Matrix starring Keanu Reeves and Trinity and black guy as models. Whether I am a black guy or brown guy is upto you to decide. I am definitely not hearing impaired. I never made a handicapped certificate by bribing government officials for it. I never used it to get a job in ITI Hoshangabad as a lecturer. I never earned even a single penny by using that job. I speak Truth. Nothing but the Truth. So help you GODS.!!:!!*;.T and C apply.



If you have read yesterday’s interviews: you’re going to enjoy today’s interviews even more and likewise.

There were some grammatical mistakes in yesterday’s work but I am in a kind of a hurry. There were some youngsters smoking ganja(weed,) here: I needed to experiment with it as I hadn’t. I enquired them about the rates and shops. They told that it’s worth 100 rupees and we share it. Five people pay twenty rupees. I offered them money but they refused to take it as it was kind of rude in their estimation. I am still waiting for a thing to happen. Two puffs inhaled and nothing yet. I know the reason: my experiments with truth about addictions and how they work.

Here’s the interview with two players who are regularly into this badminton hall:

Pundit Shri Shrinivas Shukl Pavilion: You can see badminton hall from here.
Nagendra Yadav

Note: Before I really come to Q & A: a brief glimpse at recent events: yesterday evening i entered badminton hall after having walked for a while.

A young kid was exiting. Another younger kid was playing with a smartphone.

After a while I observed:

Kid was playing “Tunak Tunak…” track on the smartphone/iphone as the case maybe. His guardians were playing badminton as usual.

Not a big deal right?


This morning I was asked to lower the volume of my music on smartphone by Nagendra. I asked him about something as he was entring the hall. He joined me after a minute as he was changing for the game. He’s preparing for CDAC exam. I don’t know what that’s but it certainly has something to do with national defence.

I have been asked to lower the volume of music. I have been asked to sit at different places by on duty police officers playing badminton. I have been asked to reveal my identity but nothing which hurts me as much as fake pride on titles and names.

Interview Core:

Q: 1: Player number one: What’s your name?

A:1: Rajendra Singh Yadav.

( Obviously he was joking. Being an elite you can joke.)

Q:2: What’s your true name?

A:2: Nagendra Yadav.

Q:3: Why did you say it was “Rajendra Singh?”

A:3: It’s Nagendra Yadav.

Q:4: Show me your Aadhaar Card.

A:4: He showed it online on his smartphone. He’s a smart guy. Lives somewhere in Choubey Colony ward number twenty three. I had seen him frequently. He approached me one day in evening and asked what my occupation was. He was going to visit a Hanuman Temple with his friends.

Q:5: Today I asked: Who’s your favourite player among all present?

A:5: Chaturvedi ji. He pointed towards a bald guy who is left handed. I have seen him play.

Q: 6: Then I asked: Who’s your favourite player among international badminton celebrities?


Q:7: I pointed towards a youngster who was wearing glasses. “Who’s that guy?” I had seen him play and he looked like a pro.

A:7: Rishabh. He’s a national player.

I kept watching their game. Rhythm, body language and art along with verbal and nonverbal communication that happens in the SuperSport. I saw another player moving out and grabbed the opportunity to ask him some questions. I am publishing the extract but not in the order they happened.

Q:1: Who’s your favourite player among these?

( I showed him the screen of my smartphone and found that he was not interested in anyone shown as the search result on Google for “Highest rated badminton players in the world.”)


Q:2: Is he like Tendulkar of Badminton?

A:2: Yes.

Q:3: Not Dravid?

A:3: No.

Q: 4: Who’s like Bradman of Badminton?

A:4: What?

Q: 5: I spoke louder “Donald Bradman.”


Lin Dan retired on July 4th 2020. He has won 13 major events including two olympic majors.

The name of the second player is Aditya Singh. He’s an employee in irrigation department. He has been playing since 2018 AD, lives in Green Avenue: Has no qualms about lack of cleanliness in badminton hall.


As an aside: My friend finally reveals he’s been a handball player at national level. Caretsker’s son is taking a bath in open with another boy. I ask him why he doesn’t go to school. He is working to sell momos every evening. His exams concluded very recently. There’s a Kabbadi tournament to be held for two days: 13th and 14th.

This morning I saw Amit Tiwari sitting. He had lost his ball to Yoga Hall. I offered for help. The staff which is actually one man and his two sons only for entire ground as caretakers were fast asleep with locked doors because they have to work hard day-in and day-out. I called them up and requested for help. He gave me the key to Yoga hall. I picked the ball and threw it to Amit before I locked the hall back up and returned the key to Shankar Lal Chaurasia.

I observe all premises in violation of electric saving article 2005: RTI stream 140. All people waste electric on purpose. Lack of staff or care mostly. Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium and Badminton Halls haven’t been exceptions. Let me know about this post. Like, share and subscribe. Play Free Rice games on Google app store. Play vocabulary games to help further your career. Badminton needs smaller space compared to most of the games. Indoor and outdoor sports.

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