Pending Interviews!


Interview number one:

Recorded in morning at about eight thirty AM in Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium; on 12.04.2022:

Time: 10 minutes.

1. Name of interviewee: Akshara Gupta.

2. Game: Volley Ball.

3. Why did you greet me?(Uncle, uncle, uncle…..)

Hi Uncle or Hey uncle?

Answer: silence. Chose ‘hey.’

4. WRONG question and answer..

5. Why me?

Answer: ——-

6. Which standard do you study in?

Answer: Standard 9th in Christian English College Mahoba Road.

7. Is there a prayer you recite everyday?

Answer: ——

8. What’s the name of the first chapter in your English textbook?

Answer: The Gift of Magi.

9. Do you know what Magi means?

Answer: No answer. Silence. Blank face.

10. What was your rank in class 8th?

Answer: 5th rank.

11. Can you please name four students who scored better than you?

Answer: Yes.

12. Yes…

Answer: 4th rank: Priyanshi Shukla.

3rd rank: Kshipra Sikdar.

2nd rank: Tanishka Mishra.

( I asked for the spelling as I wasn’t sure.)

1st rank: Abhay Choudhary.

A guy approaches and interrupts this interview. I request him to wait but to no avail.

I ask his name.

Farhaan is my name. I am her brother.

10. After many of her teammates join: I ask: Are you all brothers and sisters?


11. Who prompted you to interrupt me and greet me?

Answer: Still unable to respond freely she says it was Farhan.

12. What did Farhan say?

Answer: “He told me that you are a foreigner and you speak English.”

13. Where do you stay?

Answer: Chhatrasal Nagar.

14. Do you know your full address?

Answer: No.

15. How did you come to Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium this morning?

Answer: I drove a scooty.

16. Do you have a driving license?


17. What are the names of your parents?

Answer: Brajesh Gupta and Archana Gupta.

18. I close the interview here and before I conclude my session: I asked a few more questions:

Farhan Ali:

1. What’s your education level?

Answer: B. Sc. Final year.

I asked about his scores in various subjects. They’re all above first division in tenth, twelfth and college.

I wanted to know why they were curious about me and why all boys declared themselves to be brothers of all the girls present.

I asked her the name of the coach and also asked if they had multiple coaches:

Brajendra Dwivedi

It was the name of their coach.


1. Supriya Bundela introduces herself as a regular student of Maria Mata Senior Secondary School.

It’s done as soon as I introduces myself after being pressed upon for it.

2. Brajesh, another guy was after me once I had chosen to interact with a guy who lives near railway.

3. First name basis is such a gross misdemeanor. Remo D’Souza to Francisco Desouza are after me.

4. I ignored a tall guy who wanted to call me uncle.

5. The railway station chappie came when I was sitting with Vaibhav Chaturvedi: a student I had tutored for couple of months in 2020.

6. I asked all of them a fundamental question regarding their prayers in schools. This was supposed to put an end to all their curious minds.

Are you all brothers and sisters?

Yes(Supriya Bundela and girl besides her along with all juniors and seniors in unison!)

How would you have any scope for romance or marriage in your lives?

Except my husband all men are my brothers(Supriya Bundela.)

What happens to your oaths and pledges then?( I referred to “India is my country and all indians are my brothers and sisters pledge.”)

She agreed about the pledge still being used in school and she was a regular student for more than nine years.


Conclusion: Since all indians are your brothrs and sisters:

A. You would never marry your brother or sister or Indian. Would have no romantic association with them.

B. You would have romance and marriage only with your foreign friends.

C. Or you would break your pledge for marriage or romance. Marry an Indian guy or girl or have romance with him or her: which would be equivalent to incest.

This: clearly meant that either the pledge in MMSSS was to create brides of Yoshua Ben Joseph (Christ or Krishna mass means brides and both sexes are involved.)

Or you break your pledge. Take your share of original sin and move on.

I promised them to interview further based on circumstances.

16:05 Badminton Hall Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India Area 51 471001

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