An Acrobat!

1. An Acrobat of a nightingale. It doesn’t know I am writing about it. It was frolicking and it has hardly moved in the last hour. I moved 31 times to put scrapped grass onto a heap. 2. A cow was buried at this very place in 2018. Now it’s being used as a place … More An Acrobat!


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If you are interested!

Byre tarantella telamon Respite it A fudku goes from fresh leaves of mango To voggenballia What do i know about the nature of kites? About nightingales? Duodecimal malmsey seymore Morel relevant antenna ants You know fire, Dreams, Stories, They have emotions, And you draw meaning out of them, If you’re interested.

Tohu Mercurial!

1. Played 10 vocabulary jams on Scored first rank on 8 of them second rank on 2 of them. Stephen D, PC and others were absent. Eat B was present. 2. My scores: (605, 645, 600, 740, 790, 365, 550, 565, 830, 655) 3. The scores are out of 1000. 4. I intend to … More Tohu Mercurial!

Is Bib

Bib bibelot lottery rye Bibulous bubbly bulbous bouseverement Severe reified renegades desideratum Tumescent scent cenotaph phenom Hotshot phoneme hotpot potpourri A curry in a hurry Scurry Is furry fury Is

It shall do!

Don’t need my opinion, In your words, Means : Don’t put words into my mouth. It shall do. Forzando Frozen Zen innuendo Endomorphic zany anyone It’s a relief! Ah!

Another Tohu!

1. Beetroot parsnip turnip pin Pippin 2. Root beat 3. Route parsed Sedona escaped 4. Cape ape tape rut in nitwit 5. I registered¬† 23 titles in library yesterday. 6. Today, a JCB emerged out of a street the moment i was about to cross it. Yesterday one of it demolished outgrowths in nearby shop … More Another Tohu!