Silence of the Birds!

1. Cranes are roaming in the field. Yellow butterflies flutterby. A kingfisher is basking in the Sun on a branch of a tree. Its counterpart comfortably perched down near group of white birds. A bird on top of the hut before me looks for a while at me then looks right. Another blackbird on another … More Silence of the Birds!


From being involved as a participant to being a witness it’s a cycle. Again and again The participants have no insights Emotions choke them The witness has memories devoid of emotions From nostalgia to recording Again and again Cycles

End of the day!

1. Plenty of vocabulary jams. My ID is 01. I invite you to play with me on 2. Kavitha J and Paul H scored well today on most of the jams. 3. I attended a birthday party, registered some books in library, emptied dustbin ash, helped in cowshed, wrote couple of blog posts, clicked … More End of the day!

Thisaway, or: Thataway

‘No way. Way!’, a d’Verse Quadrille Runaway, wayless, makes his way up dark areaway – to stowaway on a rockaway. Highwayman in jet cutaway strolling past purplish twayblades, reading stolen waybill, notes blond wayward flyaways. Hereaway’s no place for young tearaways, he smiles. Well, leastways we’re both of waygoing lifeways. The above poem is my take … More Thisaway, or: Thataway


1. Basking in the Sun: 40 minutes. 2. Filling two buckets of water using bicycle for transit : 20 minutes. Believe it or not! 3. Scrapping grass outside library was due for long. Burning stray pieces: 20 minutes. 4. A man walking with fast paces only asked for confirmation of what he knew: “that lady … More Routine!


1. Heard many horn sounds as I was moving out of house. 2. A man on bicycle had a white ream of paper…just behind him a fast moving vehicle with BJP district president plate on it. It’s an old pattern. Another Press vehicle. 3. Snooker game bill board with Russian models. 4. IPTA number three … More Script

Twilight Again!

Birds are returning to their nests. Parrots mostly. Eleventh Moon is shining in Taurus just above my head. Sounds of prayers from nearby temples and mosques. The granary has expanded a bit. Not as much as needed yet. I picked up the scrapped grass and threw it away. A trolley full of pigeon pea is … More Twilight Again!

Score Analytics!

1. Played 13 vocabulary jams on on 16.1.2021 and 17.1.2021. 2. Here’s the summary of ranks i received: 2222221121111 3. Today I received second rank only once. Yesterday I couldn’t receive first rank even once. 4. Summary of my scores: 460 750 760 695 840 800 660 410 380 620 670 685 760 5. … More Score Analytics!

Productive Day!

1. Spent about 30 minutes helping and observing the irrigation system which has pipes, joints and sprinklers. Two motors of different power with one of them having an auto-cut makes sprinklers throw water off to 10-15 feet. 2. Prior to that had lunch. 3. Prior to that spent about twenty minutes sowing coriander seeds in … More Productive Day!

An Acrobat!

1. An Acrobat of a nightingale. It doesn’t know I am writing about it. It was frolicking and it has hardly moved in the last hour. I moved 31 times to put scrapped grass onto a heap. 2. A cow was buried at this very place in 2018. Now it’s being used as a place … More An Acrobat!


Contesseration consternation girasol Solus bolus golus Ration for nation on PlayStation Staycation cation anion carion ionic Dance on walls of fragrant rants Triapse apah haphazard hazard Hard ardent entry tryst strident