Dancing Mosquitoes!

1. Birds are returning to their nests. Some mosquito dance nearby. Sounds of prayers from nearby mosque. I had some fruits to eat-ones which were lying below the tree in a remote corner. It had rained last evening. 2. Some dogs accompanied me on this walk. I am not indispensable in any of the processes … More Dancing Mosquitoes!

The Boat!

After a long struggle and some deaths The owners of the factory leave Some more people join The boat keeps sailing towards East I witnessed it all

Another Tohu!

1. Beetroot parsnip turnip pin Pippin 2. Root beat 3. Route parsed Sedona escaped 4. Cape ape tape rut in nitwit 5. I registered¬† 23 titles in library yesterday. 6. Today, a JCB emerged out of a street the moment i was about to cross it. Yesterday one of it demolished outgrowths in nearby shop … More Another Tohu!


Prolegomenon Menon Bootleg nonplussed Backgammon monstrous Demimonde demantoid de void of Celluloid colloid idol Dolby By lateral inversion rallying yin yang Angular larkspur Caracal carcass cattail cattlettale Catwalkalinoliumlautaharmattanagermanemoneutermagnetsukimkumunchkinnuendocketernalacritypicaltarrampikeinsofferingulchampionoipaddrress

Conversations with the Moon!

Hello Moon, Good afternoon! Monsoon too soon, Perchoon perchance chanceon, Chancellor lord ordained dense marksmanshipwreckedemarcation Cation anion onion Ion on ion on and on Noisome meshuga gasconade bragbro Bromide Idempotentate tattletale telltale Ginger ale Germane mail Don’t ail, Anymore, It’s a chore now-a-days! Prompt: same as title by My Valiant Soul on instagram Image credit: … More Conversations with the Moon!

Onion roots!

Three of them were sowing onion roots in the field. Eastern side near cowshed. I needed cudgel. I asked them if it was the season. They confirmed. How do we keep getting onions whole year then? Those are Kaanpuri. They answered. Obviously, they come from stores. One of the ladies tied a heavy bunch of … More Onion roots!


1. This was a pleasant day. It might seem odd: as I have plenty of money to feed myself for next ten days: my students who once used to dominate me seem to have disappeared. Their reasons might have a basis in reality but all of them needed a place when I was weakest. Still … More Tenet

The Doors

The Katha Upanishad tells a symbolic tale of two birds: they both live on the same tree. One of them is free from pleasure and pain. It’s the one who doesn’t eat any fruits. It’s the witness. The watcher in the tale is not the doppleganger of the one you talk about because your watcher … More The Doors


An encounter of a gangster who is being disowned by multiple parties. Why do encounters happen with almost same patterns in the last two years and labelled as “accidents” might be a subject of research for investigative journalism. I am sure: the matter would have been discussed ad nauseum if he was kept in prison. … More Gotcha!