Another Tohu!

1. Beetroot parsnip turnip pin Pippin

2. Root beat

3. Route parsed Sedona escaped

4. Cape ape tape rut in nitwit

5. I registered  23 titles in library yesterday.

6. Today, a JCB emerged out of a street the moment i was about to cross it. Yesterday one of it demolished outgrowths in nearby shop complex.

7. A regular show: a party comes into power. Some of the members who were supporting the previous ruling party immediately switch their positions. Others are beyond being touched. Untouchables. Les miserables. Some others become targets of ruling party. That which was created was certainly created lawfully but now it no longer serves. It’s eradicated or reshaped. Dissolution at many layers. Levels. Structure which is shaky can’t support any creations on it.

8. After very many days i read something written by Aakriti Kuntal on instagram. For so many days I kept reading the point zero and other verses by her in 2017. It seemed like i had reached a home where a programmer of my mind lived. The one where she told the technique of choosing a point, creating a circle, counting hooded figures and falling in love with beauty. I internalised it verbally. For so many days i was confused if she was same as Devika. Prosopagnosia of identities. Some of her verses did seem to be exact replicas of Devika’s verses and i even told Sandra about it. 

9. We discussed about deaths in library complex in past. The spiritual force which resisted me in the beginning and tested very hard as I began maintaining a register. The naturopath, on the other hand said he had slept in this hall for many nights without any dreams or feelings.

10. The path was strange. Journey even stranger. It completed in time.

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