2G internet speed!

1. At 22:00, tucked in the quilt which I bought in Bangalore, after a nice, memorable walk as streets were almost empty when I was returning, thrillers of vocabulary jams on vocabulary.com as stadium was empty, until the caretaker decided to lock me out, and I went to sit on a bench outside the number … More 2G internet speed!

Masonic Pulav!

1. The guy was wearing glasses. His assistant served me. Then he handed me over the plastic spoon. The assistant was slow. I was in awe of the quality of rice: they looked like Basmati grade. The Chhole curry and plastic spoon. It was only ten rupees per plate! I couldn’t believe my good fortune. … More Masonic Pulav!

Team Blue Wins The Jam With a Total of -55 Points!

1. It’s only the second time: the team red scored -685 points. Total number of people who played: 45. 2. I finally emerged as a HUGE leader after scoring like these: 222223431 3. Those second ranks were mostly when that guy PC from Massachusetts was scoring straight A’s. I could have bickered about buses, mopeds … More Team Blue Wins The Jam With a Total of -55 Points!

An Appeal!

1. It’s an appeal to myself. 2. When I become able to relate or understand the nature of this problem. 3. I should come back to read it here or in the causal body. Or via Akashic records and resolve it for all who have it. 4. Why do I need to switch between Vocabulary.com … More An Appeal!

Events Horizon!

1. Ashutosh Thakur, son of upper collector, Tikamgarh is jobless. He did B. Lib. and M. Lib. from Hari Singh Gaur University Sagar. It was in 2016. Since then he applied to many colleges in Chhatarpur and Nowgong but only met rejection everywhere. He works at a cyber cafe with a meagre income of three … More Events Horizon!

Dear diary!

1. My student asked me: how to improve concentration. I told him to practice. 2. I played vocabulary quizzes on vocabulary.com and freerice.com after taking some sleep. 3. I kept listening to soft music. 4. We filled seven bowls of rice on freerice.com. 5. I will go for another walk and then to academy to … More Dear diary!


1. There were giant bats on the Ashok tree. It has started to drizzle as we were waiting near the swing. Wings of bats were spread like canopies. Batlings were battling with drizzle drops, flying zigzag. They were not there just a few days ago. An owl and half lives there too. It’s cute. A … More Walking

I am a ghost!

The girl is getting married to a guy in air force. She use to live near the place where I died as my heart stopped working. I was under the influence of the drugs. I ran away naked: thinking about a Jain monk. He died last year. I was taken to a saint who also … More I am a ghost!