Twilight Sunday!

1. The open mic had an entry fee of thirty rupees. It had a banner of Madhya Pradesh Hindi Sahitya Unit. 2. The person who invited me to sit laughed hysterically when i told him about the alcohol smell. 3. He had no handkerchief. 4. Parrots are returning to nests. 5. Birds are chirping sweetly. … More Twilight Sunday!

Preparing For The Bundelkhand Marathon 2021 Part Two!

1. Bundelkhand is a region in middle India. Bundela rulers reigned here. The dialect spoken is Bundeli which also has some literature available on it. Deshraj Pateria who passed away this year used to sing many songs in Bundeli. Since my childhood- educators used to look down upon Bundeli whereas all the people in my … More Preparing For The Bundelkhand Marathon 2021 Part Two!

Player numbers

1. Played vocabulary jams: 1311 ranks. 2. Played maps on Free Rice. The question is: why do some continents have no diversity at all and others have so many factions? Immediately answer comes: divide and rule. America, Canada, Australia and Russia have vast amount of lands and resources. They colonized and used India, China and … More Player numbers


1. I need some rest. It has been a long and eventful day. 2. Shabbath: in the name of homework she had only copied a verse in good handwriting. Since she was bored we played a game of verbal intelligence which became interesting after I understood the rules. I scored 100 more points overall. Maybe … More Shabbath