Unlocking the charade

The waste of electric power is tantamount to putting more pressure on hydraulic and solar generation centres.

For the entire lockdown duration I have been observing the waste of electric power in the stadium Arena

This was in relation to the world environment day.

The the next. Is in relation to the discretion of the local administration in in the execution of the unlocking

Unlock 1 equals to 3+5+3+6+3+2=4+1=5. India is Bharat now. I have been fine. I will tell you what has been going on. It was struggle between bhudevi and Sridevi war might be for from being over. The  overall overshoot day is reached by xxix of July but in India it never reaches so the environment should be thankful to the environment and also to the mass production of the babies.

As told before – the only thing actually worth the opening was the stadium. Not the temples. Not the shops for tobacco. Not the liquor stores. Ironically: depression and suicide have been the only causes of deaths in in this vicinity and exercise is proven to reduce the suffering.

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