1. Birds are chirping sweet on the branch of the neem tree. I am free. For now.

2. It rained since yesterday evening. It was drizzling as I left the premise with my students. It was quiet until the class wasn’t over, then it started drizzling until it drenched us. It has been happening for two days.

3. There were 4 cows and 13 mules being driven towards the village of the Moon by a man. Here is the place to insert the latest pictures:

4. I politely requested this dog to pose for a picture.

5. There were 8 tractors with trolleys full of sands. It’s a highway which knows no rest. Dogs are marking their territories by urinating on truck wheels. A cement truck.

6. The joggers are on the rise. It was cyclists for a few days but I guess slippery roads after the rains might not be as conducive for cycling.

7. The green leech which bugs chickpea and grain are abundant under this tree. Couple of them are being hunted by a swarm of ants as distant pigeons warble. I never knew they were capable of such swift movements.

8. Maybe heaven looks like this. Maybe. But you need to keep walking in order to merely maintain the flow. The heaven is costly. Maintenance is costly.

9. I had a strange dream. It was like a surreal movie with signs. I had been missing such movies. The year has entered into a weather which might be conducive for reading and writing. I am trying to inculcate some good habits in my students. The feedback has been positive so far.

10. Yesterday, the granny beats the kid. Kid is unruly but the manner in which it happened is strange. First the power cut due to the maintenance. Then the hailstorm like sudden rain. Then the call about new willow from his mother even when she knows that it’s the class time. Then altercation. The beating. Kid wants me to speak lies on his behalf whereas grandma imposes all the rules for me. The contract of employment strains me some times.

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