Zilch Nada Zero Cipher Shunya Void……

1. The first question is: why were the last two images deleted from my smartphone? Yes, the one where those two gutka shakers entered. Another where chubby guy was being smart with water ball friend: the fallen iron pillar and pitfalls?

2. The second question is: the new tenant was a police guy or something ? In a vest with a belt. Quite a shocker. The spitter, damsel, shaker. Shaker is a police. Is getting to construct a house in the vicinity of employers. Has first right on all damsels in town or in vicinity or is a righteous raksha bandhan type true to celibacy urdhvaretasa. In any case: please continue.

3. Shamans. Brooms. People repeating tips given by you to kids because they wanted you to teach or you were too abstruse so they wanted you to deliver something to chew onto or it is their way to create a conflict in the devil’s workshop where abbatoir incharge can’t bring in euthanasia or something. What’s it with forced value systems ?

4. If you don’t pay any attention to me: I would feel neglected and won’t ever bother you. That’s the best way if you think someone is evil. You know better: I am dangerous because I don’t belong to any faction yet you want me to participate into this or that faction.

5. Seeing is believing : beating animals stops the moment one pays attention but not eating animals. You know there are two prime judges : one is blind judge witnessing events based on as they are heard. Another : observes and it’s faster to jump to conclusions. Both of them work together when compassion is present.

6. A. Spitting B. Shaking Gutka C. Damsels not in distress, probably mistress. D. Words uttered merely to contradict what you said E. Highlighting class struggle. F. Name plates of presidents, vice presidents, priests, heads, subheads ad nauseum . G. Bullets and horns. H. Not taking care of your pets and babies. Rapid drivers, drunk dogs in chains. Loud blabberMouths early morning. Why did you shave your head? Because all my daddies died yesterday. Happy?

7. These indicators in the sixth are supposed to create some kind of triggers for subjects being tested. There are way too many idle people and no extraordinary jobs, employments, tools so employ masses like hounds like IT cells of this party or that to create conflicts and gasligting.

8. I would have told you : you’re ineffectual as far as shaping my opinions is concerned. Using technology to jam signal or to weaken someone by poisoning is different. I would be out of here the first thing in the morning if it’s an option. I neither like you nor dislike you. I understand that you don’t and it’s fine by me. Whoever you are.

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