1. I played a five overs match on “Real Cricket.” There was a call from Sagar Aggrawal specifying why PAN card couldn’t be made despite three months of wait. I had one made in 2008 in Bhopal via agents. It was easier than as I had a sponsor and some prospects. This time around I applied for making reparations once I had some money to spare. Now I realize : it will be a long time before I have enough money to open a bank account to be able to do online transactions. Perhaps they are new to the business. I made eight visits to a private office where I had specified my requirements in the very first meeting:

2. I lost my PAN card six years ago when I had given it to my younger sibling because I was wearing a lungi. He said he had dropped it. Now I need new card. If someone uses it: penalty should be imposed on those. If ethical responsibility is to be called: it’s the sibling’s responsibility.

3. If I had a few thousands rupees : I would have got the application processed within a day or a week. Since I have had no income in the last eight years and barely supported my sustenance: there arises no question of filing for income tax returns.

4. Office office and Musaddi Laal. It was a private office and I thought they were swift in the service. They only kept changing the terms of assurance. Clearly because: I had no resources. This is what happens to common man. I am not saying that it would have been different if I would have gone to another agent. I will wait for more income and then try opening a bank account. Then PAN card and other cards. This is the best I have played Cricket.

5. They couldn’t produce what they said they would. They had lack of experience in this domain.

6. I had to write more in the notebook of my student. She can barely write or read English because she belongs to an underprivileged community. She has had no formal education in English subject in the last seven plus years of education. I wrote her introduction questions in cursive handwriting: the result: she asked me to write again in block letters. Foster kids pre school or play school. I asked those kids: if none of the kids had mothers and fathers? They had no clue about my talk.

7. On the days i feed myself well the demons start burning. As a rule: if you feel good, someone has to feel bad.

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