Another Story!

1. I paid Vandana two hundred back. Hundred more to be paid on the first of November.

2. One lady in the Gandhi Smarak Bhavan kitchen and a man at the milk dairy asked me about the tally counter that I was wearing on my hand. I explained it one way to the lady : it was short. She asked if I had hurt my hand. The man in the dairy needed more explanation.

3. I had a nice meal for I had money and I could buy an earphone.

4. I need to sleep but I also need to publish a post on Blogger’s World.

5. An Uttar Pradesh bike with Rajjan written on front stopped outside the ATM near Choubey Colony entrance. They asked me the address of SVN nursing college. One of them was spitting gutka. He asked if Galla Mandi doesn’t match with the address.

6. I really don’t know if they were genuine. Most probably fake. They merely needed to find out the way I told address. I was a source of knowledge. I did think that it was many days since anyone asked me directions.

7. Part of the reason was: they might have read my previous post and considered the Vaibhav Choubey Galla Mandi to be the same guy who was my student. It’s a gross error on their behalf because it happened four years ago and my student was a new guy.

8. There are three shades in pavillion besides the main. The Western one has pillars and walls covered with messages and stories.

9. The graffiti advertisement by Panchal art is one such work with contact number. But you can also read the chit chatter between young kids who can barely write either Hindi or English. One of them wrote:

“I like you but don’t want to get entangled in a mess from where there’s no getting back. You have already seen my house. But I am sorry!”

Bay bay(bye bye)

I omitted the details for their safety. Their classes and names are also written on those pillars. Outside stadium is office of Bajrang Sena which is a sister concern of Bajrang Dala. If it had caught them exchanging messages : you know what comes next? Shehnai. They might even bear the cost. It’s cultural heritage.

10. Gulzar’s Dil Se(A. R. Rehman)song has some lines which describe such a scenario: there are wars and communal disturbances. The verse says: there are bondages in relationships. Wires made of thorns. Gates made of stones and walls; and yet creeps flower and groves bear fruits : you get characters and stories.

11. I hope this thread ends here.

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