Charity and Memory!

1. I had charity food after a long time today: in one packet there were four pooris and some dry brinjal potato curry which was tasty though I wasn’t very hungry. Whether it was orchestrated or not: they reached the Gandhi Smarak Bhavan the moment I reached and like the day before when I had introduced Ashutosh Thakur to librarian I had to introduce these people to the staff. It was their father’s punyatithi. One year since he departed. It was also a Punyatithi or birthday for Tiwari Ji, Sardar Patel, Indira Gandhi : I was invited to stay for the memorial after the class but I needed rest.


2. The stadium is reserved for election. I don’t know if it would only be Sunday. I bowled five overs in morning and about three overs in the evening: a total of 50 balls today. In a way my body is recuperating and getting rest which I might not have allowed it if ground was available.

3. Nothing spectacular. Plenty of rest. I need to play some vocabulary jams now.

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