Tohu Mercurial!

1. Played 10 vocabulary jams on Scored first rank on 8 of them second rank on 2 of them. Stephen D, PC and others were absent. Eat B was present. 2. My scores: (605, 645, 600, 740, 790, 365, 550, 565, 830, 655) 3. The scores are out of 1000. 4. I intend to … More Tohu Mercurial!


1. She retained Kuntal as Kaundal. 2. Her memory of my memory isn’t any better than it used to be. 3. She inquired about the fragrance. As i was returning from the Deendayal Rasoi: the fragrance near the entrance was palpable. They’re all in on it. 4. I registered 44 titles today. The last rack … More Fragrance!

Charity and Memory!

1. I had charity food after a long time today: in one packet there were four pooris and some dry brinjal potato curry which was tasty though I wasn’t very hungry. Whether it was orchestrated or not: they reached the Gandhi Smarak Bhavan the moment I reached and like the day before when I had … More Charity and Memory!

The Matchmakers!

1. A bike with a triangle shape on its headlight cover and Vigyaan (Science) written in Devnagari script stops near the superstore. The previous script has to be completed: is he joining our group or not? The barbershop decides: whether I left the tuft on my head or not. Are we joking? My net worth … More The Matchmakers!