Ram and Devkunwar!

1. Ram interjects unnecessarily in a conversation. I know it’s all planned and yet so very out of place or decorum. The lady sometimes says: it’s your money and at others: why so soon. Did i ask for more than what was agreed upon? Why then does a person need to meddle into our affairs?

2. What’s in a name? Devkunwar means divine virgin or Mary. In the last week of November, just when Shri was about to leave for Vardha, her son Aakash: he knew somehow and did a prank call. He said he wanted to take tuitions again and he was willing to pay the fees as per my quotation. The guy neither appeared nor informed that he won’t. Here I am wasting my time and energy to inform everyone about how pleasant her laughter was as she stood there filtering the chafe from the wheat grains. Very divine indeed.

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