Life as a Sacrifice!

1. I was watching a debate on a news channel.

2. The debate was about : which political party is more patriotic than the other.

3. Bertrand Russell’s quote came to my mind: “Patriotism is willing to die for foolish reasons.”

4. My experience is different. Reason might be partially because Russel was born in an aristocratic family and I lived all my life in a hungry ghost realm( term borrowed from the Tibetan book of dying: Padmasambhava/Robert Thurman)

5. If I was to edit that quote: Patriotism is (being forced) to die for foolish reasons.

6. Ultimately the war is about names and forms. To quote UG: “there’s a piece of cake and you just want the largest part out of it.”

7. Whether it’s about Rama versus Krishna or Patel versus George is of minor importance.

8. This brings me to sacrifice. Hunger is lack of energy. Yajna or sacrifice is the way out of hunger. What might come as a surprise: you have already been either sacrificed or will be sacrificed many times. There’s no way out of it but servitude in one form or the other.

9. Shakyamuni and other thinkers opposed animal sacrifices. Buddhist understanding of interdependence of all phenomena is saying the same thing in different words which advocates of sacrifices before Buddha preached.

10. Essentially: chanting names of lords is a good way to cultivate good thoughts. It’s devoting your energy to certain streams. Music and names may alleviate your hunger. Name of Rama is most highly praised name in Hinduism. It’s acceptable to Vaishnav and Shaiva streams. Aries is warrior.

11. Thus: repeating names of glorious beings of yore is the way out of hungry ghost realm. And some scaling: lest you keep falling into bigger and bigger black holes. This is advised because in the hour of death hardly anything helps.(Bhaj govindam by Adi Shankaracharya!) You can let it go completely but that also becomes a painful cycle of repeated deaths. It’s better to subscribe to some clubs:

Hanuman chalisa club: Raam naam club

Jesus Christ club

Ganesha club

Tobacco club

Smokers club



Kabbalistic Deuteronomy



12. Only news worth being shared is someone from India telling UN to recognise Hinduphobia as well. This is much more advanced than how things were just a few years ago. Yet, it’s a superficial drama like everything else. I recall how once I asked a guy about human rights commission office on my walk in a neighborhood. He expressed surprise upon discovering that as he had never needed that board.

13. I want to express my gratitude to all readers of this blog once again.

14. I used models like school, work, war, journey, game and dream to study my experiences before. The last intensive was to gain a better understanding of sacrifice.

15. To say that any of the models really describes life is to be naive. Yet, they’re mere mortal attempts to draw shapes on sand which is wiped out by time and tide. Again and again.

16. This phone has constitution of India in its books archive. It has been lying there for many years without being read simply because I don’t have enough energy to read it. It’s better to watch a movie and sleep and dream than to read and have a futile argument for crumbs of bread. I don’t have a vision, any hopes or plans for better society, world, Earth or life. Work leads to more work and so on.

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