Who loves RFS and why?

I Love You RFS: What does RFS stand for?
Kamlesh Pateria: 28.9.98: Why do I need to know about RFS?
Someone I don’t know personally: a brand ambassador of cleanliness in India by virtue of having an XUV with this name plate on occasion of the first match in the tennis ball cricket tournament: see below:
These animal faeces have been subject to controversy: the question and the answers: please see below:
Laal Bahadur aka Handpump in the premises becomes dysfunctional in the afternoon on 18.04.2022: yesterday.


1. I am in search of the meaning of the acronym RFS. Anyone who helps me might be subject of appreciation.

2. Forensic psychology by CID (praduman) reveals that: a normal dog can’t put its faeces so skillfully at such a height: it’s a pro job.

3. If we take into the account the brand ambassador whose vehicle was parked within twenty steps from the location of urinal (men’s restroom) as well as sudden disease of laal Bahadur, which is, only Laal Bahaadur in the area near badminton hall:

4. Conclusion is clear: it’s upto you. If you read it and you’re a sincere reader: you should help me out with comments containing interpretations.

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