What was that again?

1. The person changes statements every passing minute. 2. His Truth suits the audience and changes every minute. That’s how Truth should be: dynamic. Adaptable. 3. The world at large exists in my dream. I transcended it a long ago.

Do you have free and cheap labour for us my dearest and nearest son?

1. “I am saving up money for the next generation.” While completely going back on their words of fulfilling my needs. Could never give me a pocket money of 5K despite having promised to keep me safe and secure as i was called back from Vrindavan. Neither let me leave respectfully and peacefully. The story … More Do you have free and cheap labour for us my dearest and nearest son?


1. The company needs emails to spam them. 2. I am supposed to data mine for something which doesn’t exist. 3. You can go and fuck yourself.

Prank Calls!

1. It’s not about yet another business failure. 2. If Imran Akhtar Beg: didn’t return my call. Gave me a white slip which I still have with details about his attending my classes beginning with 11122020. 3. It’s not about my forgiving him for a prank call. 4. It’s about the value of word. Regarding … More Prank Calls!


1. The sixth page of book titled “Brahmcharya” by Gandhiji offers this solution: Treat all women as you would treat your sisters, mothers and so on. This would result in celibacy according to him. 2. The commitment towards just one person binds. Then your love becomes limited. 3. What about those committed? 4. Let them … More Brahmacharya!

Ram and Devkunwar!

1. Ram interjects unnecessarily in a conversation. I know it’s all planned and yet so very out of place or decorum. The lady sometimes says: it’s your money and at others: why so soon. Did i ask for more than what was agreed upon? Why then does a person need to meddle into our affairs? … More Ram and Devkunwar!