Moth murmurous Omni bus Incubus

It is always the birds. Sweet Birds. They have been singing for some time now. Crow faintly murmurs. My student is sitting with his notebook now slightly tired because of the exercise given to him. He was telling me about the Khajuraho group of monuments. It is UNESCO recognised World Heritage site since 1986. It … More Moth murmurous Omni bus Incubus


Some birds are chirping. Some vehicles are passing by. Some human beings around me. And I am still figuring out some things.. It was the birthday of one of the ex colleagues. During the induction program he was my Chris child. He was from Bengal. I went to a restaurant with him and tasted some … More Birthdays

The noon!

It’s is me reporting. A dog has been barking for some mysterious reason. Some birds can be heard in the fields. A squirrel has passed by. The sky is hazy. Although the Sun has been covered by the clouds the humidity has made it unbearable to function A black bird which is also known as … More The noon!

The Date 🌲 Tree

This is me reporting. It is 8:31 a.m. inside the premises of Gandhi Smarak Bhawan. I just observed a hummingbird on the branch of a mango tree. I can hear the birds chirping nearby. Their twittering is soothing in what is otherwise a hot humid and harrassing climate. It has been suffocating in thelast few … More The Date 🌲 Tree