The fragrance of RAW mangoes!


This is me reporting. It is 8:24 a.m. it was very humid last night. I was woken up about three o’clock in the morning by the heat. And I found myself in a puddle of sweat. I meditated and then took bath.

I heard the morning news and had the coffee as usual. Here in the premises of Gandhi Smarak Bhavan near Ashok tree I got an opportunity to meet an old acquaintance and a wonderful interlocutor. And I asked him about the emergency which was imposed during the rule of ex Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. I can hear a few Birds chirping. As you might have observed so far my attention is drawn mostly by the twittering of the birds. Dancing light of grace and the humid air along with some people who are interacting with each other: I was not able to discuss much with my student today because he was busy plucking mangoes from a tree. They are talking about leaving legacies.

I wanted to ask a question regarding non violence. As I weed out some plants like carrot grass on a regular basis I ask myself if it is not killing the plant. It is indeed violent. Even the weeds like microorganisms want to live. How could then the farmers be nonviolent ? They cannot be.

This essentially drops down to the existence and survival in the the jungle on a day-to-day basis which is divided into tasks is actually a struggle constantly. The life forms are dependent on each other. When I heard about the non violence I interpreted it to mean the complete abstinence from killing of an organism. When I read ideas of Gandhi I realised he was not opposed to killing of stray dogs and monkeys. Jainism which is known for the monks practicing most strict non violence also admits that some form of violence is inherent in all living.

At one point I considered non violence to be pure witness. You exist merely as witness consciousness of gnosis and bliss. You do not want to change anything at all . Now I don’t have hard and fast opinions on anything. I feel the way I live on day to day basis is also not the part of my belief system. It is guided by the natural Intelligence and super consciousness.

2 thoughts on “The fragrance of RAW mangoes!

  1. Very thoughtful. Talks on violence is mainly subjective to humans. And, that is definitely something everyone can have a choice about. To be non-violent to other humans. It’s only humans that have the kind of awareness to even discuss about it. Kind of a superpower over other animals. It’s interesting to see your take on violence regarding other organisms. Seems like this talk never gets to a conclusive point. However, it is understood that hate and violence don’t get us anywhere among humans itself.

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